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One of the Abaco Bahamas beaches
Abaco Bahamas beach - click to enlarge
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Beautiful Bahamas beaches are scattered throughout the Islands of The Bahamas. You will find mile after mile of pristine sand and ocean on nearly every Bahamas island. These sandy stretches of beach are some of the main reasons visitors come to The Bahamas. Many  Bahamas beaches are kissed with crystal clear, bright turquoise, shallow water extending for hundreds of yards out to sea, rising gently to sandbars before finally dropping into the deep. There is a Bahamas beach for every type of vacation and every kind of vacationer.

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The Abacos, Bahamas Beaches

Guana Beach

Considered by some guidebooks to be one of the best of the Bahamas' beaches. Seven miles of white sand beach with lovely palm trees at the edge. Just what you'd expect in a beautiful tropical beach!

Ocean Beach

Curving elegantly around a shallow turquoise bay Ocean Beach presents a wide expanse of uncrowded white sand. But on the eastern end, Ocean Beach has all the action and ammenities of a true tourist beachfront.

Treasure Cay Beach

Boasts the endorsement of National Geographic magazine as a superb beach - one of the best in the world. It's another white sand beach. The sand is pure and clean, sparkling white, and there are over three miles of beach to enjoy.

Cat Island, Bahamas Beaches

North Shore Beach

Five miles of pink sandy beach, with few visitors, make this beach an idea one for the independent traveler who just wants to relax in peace and harmony with the sea.

Fine Beach

Twelve miles of beach, pink sand, and peace and quiet.

Eleuthera / Harbour Island Beaches

Lighthouse Beach: Bannermantown

Miles of unspoiled pink sandy beach as well as an old lighthouse located on a dramatic limestone promontory overlooking the ocean.

Pink Sands Beach

Rated as one of the Caribbean's best beaches by Caribbean Travel and Life magazine. It's about three miles long, and as the name implies, the sands are pink. Combine that with blue water for a wonderful beach!

Surfer's Beach

Excellent winter surf spot that some say compares with Hawaii or California.

Ten Bay Beach: Savannah Sound 

One of the most popular beaches, especially for wading, with soft white sand and low tides.

The Exuma Islands, Bahamas Beaches

Exuma Cays Land And Sea Park  

At the northernmost tip of The Exumas you'll find Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park. Accessible only by boat, the park stretches over 20 miles of land and cays and plays hosts to an underwater gallery of coral reefs, caves and all manner of marine life. The park is home to several species of rare birds and the protected Bahamian iguana, some as large as four feet in length.

Little Exuma - Tropic Of Cancer Beach 

Many call this the most beautiful beach in the Exuma chain. Extraordinarily blue-green water bordered by an unblemished pale sand border. The longest beach on the island, it is probable that you will have it all to yourself. The imaginary line (Tropic of Cancer) that defines the northern extent of the tropics is said to run right along this beach. 

Shroud Cay 

Beautiful beaches among large expanses of mangrove.

Sandy Cay

Another sugar sand beach of tiny white granules. You'll find seclusion here, with lots of shells to enjoy, too.

Stocking Island Beach

White sugar sands plus very few visitors make this a great beach. It's in the Exumas Land and Sea Park.

Bahamas Beach Location for Photography

Bahamas beaches are often used for photography or filming because they are secluded, yet accessible, as in the Exumas. 

Grand Bahama beach
Grand Bahama beach

Grand Bahama Beaches

Fortune Beach

A quiet beach, five miles from Port Lucaya Marketplace. Fortune Beach got its name from a $2 million shipwreck discovered there. You'll have to arrange your own transportation to get there, or you can purchase a tour that visits this beach.

Gold Rock Beach

Part of The Lucayan National Park, Gold Rock Beach is protected by the National Trust. The secluded beach is located on the east end of the Island (about 25 miles from Freeport) and is spectacular at low tide. It can be accessed via tour bus or rental car. BBQ pits, picnic tables & benches are available, but no other amenities. North of the beach, across the road are the Lucayan Caverns, the world's longest underground surveyed cave system.

Lucayan Beach

Located across from the Port Lucaya hotels, this popular tourist beach has just about any water-sport activity, from snorkeling to parasailing. A fine stretch of beach for strolling. Coral Beach is a short walk to the west, plus it's less crowded.

Mather Town Beach

Located about three miles from Port Lucaya, Mather Town Beach has limited water activities, but it is a great beach for swimming, eating, drinking or hanging out with the locals.

Paradise Cove Beach

Located in the west, Paradise Cove Beach is a quiet, secluded beach, offering snorkeling & volleyball as well as food & drink. Various tour packages provide transportation to this beach, which is open from 10 a.m. to sunset. Apartments are available for rent.

Smith's Point Beach

Smith's Point Beach is located in Lucaya, adjacent to Taino Beach. It is famous for its Wednesday night "fish fry."

Taino Beach

Taino Beach, located in the Lucaya area, is ideal for families with children, as it has a small playground. During holidays the beach is the site of many local "cook-outs." Several restaurants are here plus there is limited water activity available. Hair braiding, straw goods & other souvenirs are available.

William's Town Beach

Centrally located at William's Town settlement, the eastern side of William's Town Beach offers water activities, such as banana boats, jet skis plus snorkeling. You will frequently see horses on the beach.

Xanadu Beach

Xanadu Beach is a popular tourist beach, three miles from the International Bazaar, offering water sports, straw goods, food & beverages.

Nassau / Paradise Island Beaches

Cabbage Beach

The spot of choice on Paradise Island, a three-mile stretch of sand on the islandís northern side. Many fine hotels, timeshares & resorts line the shore.

Cable Beach

A few miles west of downtown Nassau is Cable Beach, covering two-and-one-half miles of fabulous beach front with five first-class or luxury resorts, a golf course, nightlife & the largest casino in The Islands Of The Bahamas. All beach activities, nightlife, stylish shops, plus the casino are within easy reach of each other, also some of the smaller properties and villas in the area.

Love Beach

This is a great beach if you want to go snorkeling. Book an excursion with a local dive operator to enjoy acres upon acres of coral & marine life. The best snorkeling is about a mile from shore. The beach itself is quiet and secluded.

South Ocean

White sand stretching as far as the eye can see on one of the Bahamas's most beautiful beaches.

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