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The sprawling archipelago of The Bahamas is one of the top tropical island destinations in the world - attracting far more visitors than any of her rival resort destinations. Only banking and finance can come close to the contribution of tourism to the economy of the island nation.

The 700 islands and more than 2400 cays of The Bahamas straddle the Tropic of Cancer, being located from above the 27th degree to below the 21st degree of north latitude and from beyond the 73rd degree past the 79th degree of west longitude.

The Bahamas
Grand Bahamas signpost
Bahamas Film Commission photo

This sea country, with a total land surface of 4,466 square miles, lies 50 some miles east of Florida, and stretches 750 miles in a southerly direction to within 50 miles of eastern Cuba and Haiti.

Sprinkled over approximately 100,000 miles of the clearest and most colorful waters of the Atlantic Ocean, The Bahamas is a haven for sportfishing, deep sea fishing, diving, underwater photography, snorkeling and all manner of water sports.

Much of the sea around the islands is shallow. Deep canyons, however, have been cut into the submarine plateau sometimes described as an "underwater Alps". There are excellent diving locations throughout the Bahamas.

Blessed with a near perfect, year-'round climate, the Bahamas are rich in brilliant undersea coral reefs and sea gardens, easily visible from boats because of the extreme clarity of the water and the bright sunshine.

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